About Accommodation

Accommodation in China is varied, with both older properties and new high rise developments and suburban neighborhoods.
Living in a Chinese city has all the advantages of living in a major urban area, including access to vibrant nightlife, restaurants, excitement and a taste of local culture.

Finding accommodation

In densely populated cities there are always many people moving in and out of accommodation making suitable accommodation available and easy to find. While many properties can be found online, the best deals are often not found on the Internet. Publications such as the Shanghai Daily or asking friends and colleagues for leads are good ways to find property.
Teachers who don’t speak Chinese usually use a real estate agent. Property agencies can be found in all cities and tend to be recognizable by pictures of apartments and prices on the windows. Agents often work with specific apartment buildings, meaning that they are usually able to show a few properties at the outset. It is important to be specific about what is being searched for in terms of budget, location and proximity to transport routes.