Working Environment

About School Environment

The working and study environment within a Happy Goal school has been carefully planned and thought out. Creating a work place where our teachers are both comfortable and can conduct work activities professionally.

In the school

As well as having inspiring teachers like you and engaged students to creating a vibrant happy atmosphere within our schools, each school is also both clean, bright and well equipped.

In addition to classrooms each school offers a helpful reception area where reception staff assist with the needs of both employees and customers, a lobby area equipped with stage, interactive white board and sound, teachers office with ample personal computers for lesson planning and an employee eating area.

In the classroom

While our small class sizes at a maximum of 12 students support a comfortable environment in the classroom, our classrooms are clean, brightly colored and well equipped, each class room is equipped with a personal computer fitted with software encompassing the school curriculum, interactive whiteboard, standard white board and clean tables and chairs as required. The school also provides all of the teaching tools and objects needed for use within the classroom.

Our Location