Social Responsibility

Happy Goal Kids English contributing to the community
“Loving winter shoes” initiative.

Following the gathering of donations from fund raising efforts of Happy Goal colleagues, our kind-hearted colleagues formed a volunteer group of 13 people. The volunteers sent a donation of useful winter shoes to the children in mountain areas, and completed some community work. The volunteers were organized by our colleagues of Happy Goal who took part enthusiastically. The Happy Goal volunteers included our marketing promotion colleagues, marketing tutors, marketing supervisor, HR colleagues, as well as sales and ESL teachers.

This year for in Annual Plan of “Loving Winter Shoes”, the total amount of the donation money was 20,452 RMB. This money was used to purchase around 820 pairs of winter shoes, improving the winter comfort of more than 800 children.

In addition to the donation of shoes this community project also included the donation of over 4500 pencil sharpeners, more than 450 pencil boxes, 12 sacks of warm bags, over 14000 pencils and 3600 erasers.
We hope this activity supports the children receiving these donations have a more comfortable and educational winter.

Pearl Plan

Happy Goal Kids looks to support children who were forced to drop out of school due to poverty, these children are likened to dropped pearls, hence the name of this charitable work being known as the pearl plan; with the aim of enabling children who had to drop out of school due to poverty, come back to the school and shine again. The study of the students in this charitable initiative is excellent, but owning to the poverty of their families, they cannot continue their studies.

Happy Goal Kids English integrated with Web International Group initiated public benefit activities named- “Web Pearl Classes”. To support a student through 3 years of high school a donation of 75,000 RMB per student is needed. It is the ambition of Happy Goal and Web International English that we donate an amount of 3,750,000 RMB to sponsor a whole class of 50 students finish the three years’ senior high school successfully! Under this great goal, it needs all colleagues of our company to make the effort together!