Arrival Support

After signing an offer from Web, the procedure is as follows:

• A friendly recruiting specialist will review the company’s policies and contract with you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask for help.
• Experienced teacher trainers will give you new teacher’s training, which is mainly about Happy Goal’s learning philosophy and teaching methods. The training is useful for all teachers, regardless of level of teaching experience.
• After you start working at a center, staff there will help you become accustomed to your daily work routine. They can also help you find an apartment.
• A visa specialist will assist you in obtaining your Foreign Expert Certificate (FEC) and visa. The process is usually finished within two months.

Visa requirements:

1. Copy of passport photo page
2. Copy of most recent visa and entry stamp
3. Copy of temporary residence form
4. Copy of bachelors degree certificate
5. Teaching certificate(i.e.TESOL/TEFL)
6. Resume
7. Eight 2-inch photos
8. Medical check(for those who have not had a Chinese work visa in the previous 3 months)
9. Reference letter and release letter from previous Chinese employer (if applicable)
10. Cancellation letter of previous FEC or working permit (if applicable)

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