About Traffic

About transport

China has well developed transport services, particularly in Shanghai and surrounding cities. This ensures you a pleasant and convenient life. There are various means of transportation available; you can choose what suits you best for travel.members get together.

About transport – By subway train

The Subway is fast, safe transportation for traveling to destinations including main attractions, commercial areas and transportation hubs
The subway trains are most useful in Shanghai which has subway lines in operation throughout the city. Subway maps are available in both English and Chinese, with several mobile phone apps offering the map. Other cities that have subway trains available are: Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou.

About transport –By air

Shanghai has two international airports with convenient transport links with the center of Shanghai, which are Hongqiao Airport and Pudong International Airport. There are direct flights available to Shanghai from many cities around the world. China has domestic flight routes reaching all large and medium-sized Therefore if you need to travel in a hurry you are bound to find a flight perfect for you. Airports offering mostly domestic flights are available in most large provincial cities.

About transport –By taxi

Taxi is a convenient means of transportation in Chinese cities. Taxi’s generally do not require booking and are so numerous that a raising of the hand to signal to a taxi that you require the service is sufficient. The fee for your ride is composed of two parts: a basic price for a set distance and additional charges for distances of 2-3km depending on the city. Be sure to check the taxi is registered and has a business permit displayed.

About transport –by train

n China, railway is the most popular means of inter-city transportation. High speed trains, which are also called bullet or CRH trains, here refer to G, D and C trains in China. They are plentiful and a fast efficient way to travel. The top speed is 300 km/h to 350 km/h. The trains frequently run from train stations first tier cities such as Shanghai, as well as many other important cities and provinces.