Natasha – Head Teacher

I made the decision to leave the UK and move to China in March 2015 and can honestly say it has been life changing. I came over with only a little teaching experiencTe and am now considering a career in teaching because of the experience I have had working at Happy Goal. I am now head teacher at my centre which has given me the opportunity to develop myself both personally and professionally by taking on more responsibilities so there is definitely room to grow and progress if you are looking to develop yourself and your work.
Teaching English to children as young as three years old is extremely rewarding. Yes, it can be hard work and requires you to have a good amount of patience, but there is no other feeling like seeing your students run into the office to see you and tell you about their day, or watching a student grow from being shy and barely willing to speak, to screaming the words to English songs and being desperate to participate in every activity. Knowing that you are teaching a child a skill that could benefit their future really is what gives great job satisfaction.

Daniel Hutchings – Foreign teacher

Working for Happy Goal in Shanghai has opened up a plethora of unique work, social and travel opportunities for me in the land of the dragon. I feel Happy Goal fosters a ‘big family’ sentiment between its staff across all centers, a sentiment which has been invaluable for me settling into life here. It may sound clichéd, but teaching children is an extremely rewarding experience and one which I highly recommend.
From my travel experiences in China, Shanghai is hands down the best city in China for living when taking into consideration lifestyle, social opportunities and ‘things to do’. For the more adventurous, its geographical proximity to some of the best cities in China (Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing etc.) makes Shanghai the perfect location for day trip travelling. The juxtaposition of Western culture and ancient Chinese culture also makes Shanghai the city of home comforts and ancient Chinese culture rolled into one.

Shirley Shen – Chinese teacher

Since I worked in Happy Goal, I have had a very memorable and enjoyable experience teaching English. I have enjoyed exchanging Chinese culture while working with foreign teachers from different countries. We talked about our work, our students, our hobbies and the different traditions of our countries. Teaching English is a challenging job, because English is not my mother language, however, foreign teacher colleagues always support me. For example, when events such Christmas take place they will tell me what they do in their countries. It is much more real and stimulating to learn about such events from my colleagues rather than from reading books. For professional teaching, we communicate a lot about how fun and interactive teaching helps our students enjoy their learning. I’m glad to work for the school, to work with foreign teachers and work with kids.

Laith – Senior Teacher

Working at Happy Goal has sure been an experience. Interacting with Chinese nationals and people from different parts of the world, as friends and colleagues, has had a great impact on me. In a multicultural and dynamic environment, whether it was learning about my friends’ culture or learning how to work with a colleague from a different professional background, my experiences have helped me grow on a personal and professional level. Teaching young children has been extremely enjoyable. They are always happy and smiling which uplifted my spirit, no matter what mood I was in. Knowing that I am helping mold a child into a better version of them self and seeing the smile that I put on his or her face, is in itself, a great reward.